Pipes Plus Lounge has a wide selection of high-quality cigarettes for your
smoking pleasure. Check out the list below to see what we have to offer,
then come on down and lounge with us!

American Spirits

American Spirits Light

American Spirits Medium

American Spirits Menthol

American Spirits Menthol Lights

American Spirits Ultra Light

American Spirits Non-Filter

American Spirits Organic

American Spirits Organic Lights

American Spirits Perique



Davidoff Lights

Djarum Black Clove Cigars

Djarum Bali Hai Clove Cigars

Djarum Special Clove Cigars


Dumaurier Lights

Dunhill Fine Cut

Dunhill Fine Cut Lights

Dunhill International Lights (blue)

Dunhill International (red)

Ecstacy Cannabis

Export A  -Extra Lights

Export A -Full Flavor

Export A -Lights

Export A  -Medium

Export A -Ultra Lights

Nat Sherman Black & Gold

Nat Sherman Classic Lights

Nat Sherman Classic Menthol

Nat Sherman Classic Reds

Nat Sherman Fantasia

Nat Sherman Havana Ovals

Nat Sherman Hint of Menthol

Nat Sherman MCD

Nat Sherman MCD Lights

Nat Sherman MCD Ultra

Nat Sherman MCD Menthol

Nat Sherman Natural Lights -yellow

Nat Sherman Natural Light Blue

Nat Sherman Natural Menthol

Nat Sherman Natural Originals

Nat Sherman Natural King

Nat Sherman Natural King -Lights

Nat Sherman Natural King -Menthol

Nat Sherman Natural King -Ultra

Nat Sherman NYC cut

Nat Sherman NYC cut Lights

Nat Sherman NYC cut Menthol


555 Lights

555 Internationals

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