Pipes Plus Lounge has a selection of drinks, both hot and cold, as well as some snacks for your lounging pleasure. Browse over some of our refreshments below and then come on by and chill with us!

Cold Drinks  |  Other Refreshments / Snacks

Fresh Coffee Daily $1.00

Hot Teas $1.75 Pot $3.00
Green, Pomegranate, Chamomile, Peach, Lemon, Peppermint, Acai Berry, Raspberry, Blueberry Harvest, Mint Melody, Sweet Dreams, Apple Cider, Ginger Snap, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Oraganic White, Chai Spice, Idian Spice, Mandarin Orange Spice

Hot Chocolates $1.25
Regular Chocolate, Cinnamon, & Peppermint Flavors

Hot Cocoa $1.25
Chocolate Graham, French Vanilla, White Chocolate, Caramel, Raspberry, Mint, Classic Dark

From the Cooler
On Sale for under $1.00
Bottled Water, Dr. Pepper, Jolt, IBC, Function, TopoChico, Sangria, Sweet Leaf

Drinks over $1.00
Texas Tea, Orange Crush, Jones Soda, Bawls, Yoo-Hoo, Bottled Coca-Cola & Sprite, Mt. Dew, Perrier, Graviola, Guayaki

$0.75 Bags of Chips, Candy Bars, Gummy Fruit Chews, Crackers, M&Ms

$1.00 Cookies, Gum

Cold Drinks

Bawls -regular

Bawls -Geek Beer

Bawls -Xxtra

Bawls -Cherry

Coca-Cola -glass bottles

Crystal Geyser Water


Dr. Pepper -cans

Dr. Pepper -plastic bottles

Function- Brainiac

Function- Youth Trip


Guayaki- Pure Heart

Guayaki- Pure Passion

Guayaki- Pure Endurance

Guayaki- Empower Mint

Guayaki- Unsweetened

Herbal Mist -Black Tea

Herbal Mist -Green Tea

Herbal Mist -Lemon Tea

Herbal Mist -Peach Tea

Herbal Mist -Raspberry Tea

Herbal Mist -White Tea

IBC -Black Cherry

IBC -Cherry Limeade

IBC -Cream Soda

IBC -Root Beer

Jolt -Blue Raspberry

Jolt- Cherry Bomb

Jolt -Orange Blast

Jolt -Passion Fruit

Jolt -Power Cola

Jolt -Sugarfree

Jolt -Wild Grape

Jones -Fufu Berry

Jones -Green Apple

Jones -Lemon Drop

Jones -MF Grape

Jones -Strawberry Lime

Maine Blueberry soda

Maine Root- Ginger Brew

Maine -Pumpkin Pie

Maine -Sarsaparilla

Mountain Dew

Orange Crush


Perrier Water (green bottles)

Raw Dog


Steaz -Green Tea w/ Blueberry

Steaz – Green Tea w/ Mint

Steaz - White Tea w/ Lime

Sweet Leaf -Green Tea

Sweet Leaf -Lemonade

Sweet Leaf -Cherry Lemonade

Sweet Leaf -Mango Green Tea

Sum Poosie

Texas Tea -Goodflow Honey

Texas Tea -Peach

Texas Tea -Strawberry

Texas Tea -Sweet

Texas Tea -Unsweet

Topo Chico TopoChico – Twist of Lime

TopoChico – Twist of Peach

TopoChico -Twist of Tangerine


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